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It’s been years. More than enough time to wait.  My Love to her was not only a gift, but a treasure that couldn’t expire. She could not even realize that I was living for her, because she took it as a joke.

“He can’t be serious. He is trying to win my infinite mind. He is no different. He is like other Boys.” She might be thinking.

Many sleepless nights, thinking about her, dreaming our future together, was my handicap. I was forced to accept unpredicted destiny. My Heart convinced me to believe that I was determined to love her endlessly. That was a lie, right? Yeah! Yeah! I think it was a lie, b’se everything in world’s existence, expire. Even Love expire.

“You Love once, Live once and die once” A common statement.

This statement isn’t true, but complete. Can’t you see that? Don’t believe me? Oh yeah, I will prove it. See, Love is the second strong Positive emotion a human being can have after Sex emotion. B’se love (Think about love between opposite sex, Eros Love) is all positive thoughts specific to the woman of choice that you soar into your infinite intelligence (Thinking Brain or Mind) to create affections, Desire and faith for her. This positive emotion can be destructed by its opposite or its little higher equivalent. What I mean is, b’se everyone is different, and the causes that led to development of this positive emotions might disappear. If this happen, love disappear unnoticeably, as it came unnoticeably. Due to difference in people’s behavior, Love also can’t be the same as it depend on love partner’s behavior. We talked about its ceasing due to disappearing of its causes. This doesn’t mean that it’s your once in love life. It isn’t even your twice, or filthy instead it is your beginning. Your Love to next person won’t be the same as previous, never. As we said people are not alike in every aspect. That’s why love is always different from a person to another and you love as many as the number of opposite sexes you shall admire.

All this seem to be psychological, right? May be. I was proving what I believe.

I came to know this later, but before, I was a handicap of a heart in her presence. In front of  her, I couldn’t think of myself. I couldn’t hold myself and I couldn’t turn myself. That was love. Not a love, but a true love. Later I came to waiting through believing and faith that I had in her. I am talking about the past life. How about the present? Today, am quitting. I know I am right b’se the time I waited is enough to quit. Don’t think about months, they are years of waiting. Many years. I don’t know but may be, Loving for lifetime is going to change meaning. It will become a loving for several times. May be.

Do you think am wrong? You shall tell what you could do if u were me, at the end of this story. Let get to the beginning of all. How it started.



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