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Written by ISHIMWE Christian

[Kind reminder]: Whenever someone does share this story, Rubay Stories name must be on it, however to edit its context or sell it, it’s not allowed.

Previously on Love Crime:

This is a story of Shema a smart, handsome and honest man, Keza a beautiful girl who had been in love with Shema for five years and people whom they met along the way. Keza was hospitalized and had an anomaly on her skin face on its right-side of cheek; this ‘oddity’ along with the efforts put in by Keza’s close friends didn’t stop Shema from marrying Keza. The last episode ends with Keza’s wicked friends planning to hurt Keza seriously after her wedding. What will happen to Keza? Will Carla and cos, able to implement their malicious plan? How does the idea of Love Crime fit in this story? Rest assured just follow.

After two weeks, there came a day like no other in the lives of Shema and Keza, the beautiful couple was going to get married. Families, friends and guests of both sides attended the wedding, also there came other uninvited girls who happened to be Carla and cos.
The priest went on with wedding rituals and prayers; and after both Shema and Keza had sworn, e declared them husband and wife; he gave each one of them a moment to say what’s on their minds. Emotions were intense.
[Shema]: Dear wife, as love is my witness I swear; I’ll never leave, betray, deceive and hurt you! may all of the people here be my onlookers. I love you my special and gorgeous one.
[Keza]: Dearest husband, thank you for making this day an unforgettable one! I promise to always be at your side; death will be the only thing to separate us, your wish will be my command afterwards. I love you more darling!

Those words really hurt Carla and cos; they became downrightly jealous; it was as if they couldn’t manage to hear anymore of them. They went out after hearing them! No one had invited them anyway.
The wedding was good as planned, feast followed, what a joy! Everyone who wish Shema and Keza well was happy for the ceremony.
After the wedding, honeymoon followed; they planned to spend it in a five-star hotel of another city.
One Monday, fifteen days after the wedding, as Shema and Keza were still enjoying their honeymoon; that gave Carla and cos time to prepare for their wicked plan. Their conversation was as follow:
[Carla said out of jealousy]: You know what girls? What did Keza give to deserve all the happiness she has? She must be distressed just like us! I wonder what she has given to Shema, who married her when he knew how scratched was her face; why choose among other girls? I am going to destroy their life, I will turn their happiness into tears, with or without your help ladies.
After that she asked them who was with her to carry on their plan; everyone raised their hands (The four were determined to destroy the newly formed family), when they were wondering what they should do to them, one of the girls by the name of Princess came with a plan.
[Princess]: I have an idea of something which will surely hurt them! You know in that hotel; they are hosting a jewel-ornaments exhibition by this Saturday evening, Shema and Keza won’t miss; you know she likes shining items, right? Most of those jewels are in diamonds, gold and silver. What if we hire thugs and pay them an awesome lot; so that they can go and steal some of the expensive ones, and immediately go and place them into Keza’s bag in the hotel room, we already know the room she and Shema are staying in right?
[Carla to Princess and other two girls]: Nice idea pal! But we must hire not more than five thugs for secrecy reasons. Another thing, they will first cut off the power and dissemble the backup power system; and when the lights are off; one of the goons will break glasses. As hotel protocol suggests; they will either evacuate the guests or tell them to go their respective rooms which is the most likely option and this will take them between five-ten minutes. By then one of the thugs will have stolen what you said and put it in one of Keza’s bag which is her room.

The day of the exhibition came; and as they expected, Shema and Keza went to the exhibition. It went as they had planned; and some thugs came as guests. After the goons had stolen the jewels, one of the goons disguised as a guest called the hotel security claiming ‘I have seen which room the robber went in’ ; the hotel security called to the police station; when the police arrived went to check to the aforementioned suspected room; and as planned they were in Keza’s bag in the room she was staying in with Shema.
The two were stunned; and ashamed as people around were calling Keza ‘thief! Thief! You have come to this hotel to steal from us!
Keza was crying and Shema had put his hands over his head! How wicked and evil are Carla, Princess and cos? What happens to Keza and Shema now? Will they both or anyone of them or none of them get arrested? How will they survive this? Don’t miss the next episode. Feel free to share your thoughts.
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