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Written by ISHIMWE Christian

[Kind reminder]:  

Whenever someone does share this story, Rubay Stories name must be on it, however to edit its context or sell it, it’s not allowed.

Previously on Love Crime:

This is a story of Shema a smart, handsome and honest man, Keza a beautiful girl who had been in love with Shema for five years and people whom they met along the way. The wedding occurred and the newly married couple went to enjoy their honeymoon in a five-star hotel. Carla, Princess and cos hired thugs to steal precious jewels and one of the thugs took the jewels into Keza’s room in her bag. The police came and that’s where the last season ended. What happens to Shema and Keza now? Will any of them or all of them be arrested? How does the idea of Love Crime fit in this story? Rest assured just follow.

What was honeymoon of happiness was turned into a sour and a day to forget for the newly married couple. As they well still stunned; Shema was lost in thoughts remembering the what he had talked with Keza the night before that bad day. When they were lying on their bed, this how they talked.

[Keza]: Darling, I’m not sure but what if I’m pregnant? Do you wish our first child to be a boy or a girl?

[Shema]: I would be the happiest man alive if that were the case; a child is a child, be it a girl and a boy. If only it were true, I wish he or she could be as beautiful as you are.

The leading detective interrupted Shema’s thoughts; saying:

[Detective]: Mr, and Mrs Shema; you are under arrest for the crimes of theft. You have a right to remain silent as anything you say will be use against you in the court of law, however you have a right to have an attorney, the government will provide you with one if you can’t afford him or her.

Shema and Keza were taken into the police custody, and it was a win for Carla and cos who were very happy and thrilled after hearing the news. They went to throw a party, to celebrate the conspiracy they had plotted.

After a week; Shema and Keza were taken in the court. The judge read the charges; the attorneys defended the two but it was like the whole world was against them since, the disguised thug claimed to be an eyewitness; besides all the evidences were pointing to them.

Before the judge would hammer her decision; Shema who was thinking very much; asked for a speech. The judge gave him a one.

[Shema]: Madam judge, I have something to confess; my wife was not involved in this crime, it was entirely my idea, I planned the robbery; and I put the jewels into her bag because it was the first bag I saw after coming to steal them, my wife is innocent, please don’t involve her into this. If there is anyone to be punished it should be me not her.

When Keza tried to stop him saying that he was lying, Shema asked her to keep quiet; as Shema claimed responsible.

The court was adjourned in the afternoon.

Keza had time to talk with Shema. She asked him why he claimed to have done something which he didn’t do.

[Shema]: My dear wife, there wasn’t any other option left, all the evidences point to us, the forensics unit didn’t find the fingerprints on the stolen jewels and they said the ammoniacal solution which was in our room was also used to erase them, you know I didn’t buy the ammoniacal solution, they have planted it there too, and that make us guilty! We are innocent I know, but if I wouldn’t have taken the blame, then the both of us could’ve been put to jail; at least let me be punished for this crime I didn’t make, but in any case if you are pregnant, you could also be punished with the baby and I wish nothing but freedom and happiness for my child, please take care of the baby if you are pregnant, if the judge give me a long sentence, and the baby grows without me tell him or her that I love him or her very much. Remember that I love you so much my beautiful wife, always keep my love. Please don’t cry, I couldn’t stand strong if you’re crying.

Keza couldn’t help herself in stopping herself from crying.

The came and read the verdict according to an article relating to robbery. It was as follow:

[Judge]: Mr. Shema, according to law and your confirmation to the crime you committed, you will have to spend seven years in jail and you must pay twelve million Rwandan francs. However, you have one month to plead for this decision.

The judge closed the session. It was tears for those who loved Shema and Keza, but it was also joy for Carla, Princess and cos.

Will Shema plead for the court’s decision? How will they survive this? Don’t miss the next episode. Feel free to share your thoughts. Remember to like, comment and share. Together we can.

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