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“Hi! I am Robert. As you noticed, this place, this environment and everything is new to my eyes. You are new too.”

This girl approached me to shake hands but I had fear that she would discover my wet hands.  We started chatting and from day to day she became my friend. Things went quite well and I was surprised to see our relationship grow faster. Our friendship became diagonal as time went on. She was cool, respecting and honest. My love to her was like a rain which had no intention of stopping. I had many plans to express my feelings to her, but whenever I decided to tell her, there could rise a reason to stop me and tell me that I will be rejected.

Fear of rejection and losing of our friendship was the major causes. Its true that when a girl reject your offer, also your friendship diminishes day to day. There is also a saying “If you believe in your mind that you are a failure before trying, you have already failed”. This implies the fact of being rejected before declaring my love to her bcz I had believed this rejection sooner. 2 years of friendship and I couldn’t express my feelings to her. I wasn’t able to open my mouth and tell her how my heart was burning because of her. Many sleepless nights planning to act responsibly as a man, resulted in nothing. Was it because I loved her so much? No, I don’t know either. My friend Jules always advised me to show her my feelings through actions if words went to vail. I tried, but whenever I approached her for that reason, my body shivered to the extent that my lips lost strength.

After 2 years, my father and I migrated to rural area. I completed my schooling there and I didn’t hear her voice for other 6 years. When we met in university later, I was surprised to see her become beautiful than before. I thought my heart won’t accuse me my 6 years ego’s failure. She became my friend again even if it was hard for me to explain why I left her for that long. She even cried that day, saying that I am a careless and irresponsible person. She told me how hard she adapted to live without me, and how much she missed me.

All I did were to hug her and calm her by apologizing and promising her to be different from before.

“By the way, you become so handsome, tall and brilliant guy. Every girl would go crazy for you.” She told me with a happy smile.

Me “Hm! Not as much as you. You were beautiful when tiny and little girl. But see how amazingly and astonishingly you grew into a beautiful woman every man would die for. For sure, you became…. I don’t know what to say but I think you understand me.”

Her ‘Noo! Not that much but I have changed off course.”

As a mature person I promised myself to never be coward like before. As days passed on, I discovered that my love to her didn’t go anywhere. It was as super easy as drinking water, to recall everything from the past and to regenerate the sleeping love. For the moment of departure, I wasn’t able to love other girls. They were all nothing compared to how I loved her. That’s why I waited these six years.

I planned to tell her how my feelings to her were incomparable since day we met. I told myself to be strong than before because I was mature that time.

“If I can’t do this mere thing, will I be able to request any service in the future. No. let me tell her this.” I told myself.

I gave her an appointment and she arrived on time. We sat and chatted for a while and later she told me.

“I am here, with all my ears, and mind. I am here for you.”

Me “Oh well. See. Its been 8 years of Loving. In this 8 years I never lost even a single day without thinking about you. I loved you at the first sight. The day we first met I promised my heart to love you endlessly. I left as I came, without saying anything. But thanks to God, who led us to meet again. Nothing have changed. I was unable to love other girls. Here you are, and I love you the same. Do you love me the same?”

I don’t know what I was saying, but this girl had already started crying. I grabbed her and embraced here tightly.

“I am so sorry that I was late but I think today was the day God planned this. I love you with all my mind. I shall protect, care and cherish you to the end.”

WHY NOW? Robert, why are you telling me this now. I am crying because you’re telling me this very late. As you said, you are late. The day you left me, it became hard to adapt a life without you. I had same feelings for you. I spend sleepless night asking myself why you can’t tell me something. I am a girl Robert. I couldn’t tell you anything even if it could require me to die, but I truly loved you the same. Then, how could I wait? How could I wait for you without a promise? Without knowing how you felt for me? See, it took me 3 years to love other boy. I am sorry Robert. Now I have 2 ex-boyfriends and a current boyfriend. I am sorry Robert! I am so sorry.” She replied in tears.



Is my life going to be miserable? How would I be able to live without her? How can I continue to be her friend knowing that she no longer feeling anything for me? It is not easy. Right? I have tried to ignore her after being rejected but she keep calling me, and whenever we talk, love for her grow a bit higher. Do I have to cut all bonds between me and her? I am losing a friend. A friend form childhood. What can I do?

YOU LOVE ONCE, DIE ONCE and LIVE ONCE.” A common statement.

If this statement is true, it means that I will never love another girl again, because I have already loved.

THIS SHORT LOVE STORY IS BASED ON TRUE EVENTS. Robert is waiting for your comments.


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