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By ISHIMWE Christian

Based on a true- and real-life event.

[Notice]: It is strictly forbidden to share this story in your personal interest without Rubay Stories name on it, to edit the context of this story or sell it. This story is protected under the copyrights of Rubay Stories. Some people have been doing that, so this is a kind reminder that it’s wrong to do that.

This is a story of Shema a smart, handsome and honest man, Keza a beautiful girl who had been in love with Shema for five years and people whom they met along the way. He grew up having a dream of having a perfect family built on a flawless love. Is it surprising to say that life and love, the two ‘l’ words are unpredictable? How much are you willing to risk in the name of love? How does the idea of Love Crime fits in this story? Rest assured just follow.

Shema a twenty-eight years old guy and Keza a twenty-six years old lady were a lovely couple, it seemed as if eternity was what’s meant for the two, one second apart from each other seemed like forever! A lot of people were very happy for the two but some of Keza’s close friends were jealous of their love to the extent that they wanted to do everything possible to spoil their relationship.

On the side of love was where Shema and Keza belonged, one day, at evening they were on a dinner date, in a ‘love-ish’ vibe:

[Shema]: Dear love, I wonder what I would ever do without you? whenever I’m weak, you are my source of strength, will you promise me something?

[Keza in laughter]: Oh, thanks heart, breathless is what I become when I think of my life without you! what is it darling? What do you want me to promise?

[Shema]: Will you swear on our love and future that you will never leave me?

[Keza]: I swear on everything there is, I will never do that, even in my worst dreams I would never imagine that!

[The happy Shema]: Thanks love, you made my night! I couldn’t be happier.

The conversation went on, but Shema had planned a surprise! He had hired a local orchestra, and they sang a song ‘will you marry me?’, Keza didn’t figure out at first that the song was meant for her, but she became suspicious when everyone in the orchestra and Shema were gazing at her. In her heart, she was thinking ‘if only he could propose today’. There didn’t pass ten seconds after that thought without Shema on his knee (he knelt down with one knee, a common normal way most guys use to propose) holding a ring in his hands, the orchestra stopped the song, and:

[Shema]: Will you marry me love? Will I have the pleasure of having you next to me the rest of my life?

[Keza in tears]: Oh, yes… I’ll marry you darling. {cuddling followed}

That seemed as the best day for the two. The date ended with a ‘save the date’, the wedding was in a month later.

Time flew and the lovers were praying that the day of wedding would arrive, the four close friends of Keza were handed a role in the wedding by her, bridesmaids to be exact; but she didn’t know they had planned to ruin the wedding. They were four girls, childhood friends of Keza, they were jealous of her because first, she was younger to them, secondly, she had found a lovely and kind husband-to-be and thirdly because they were still single and they had no fiancés. Unfortunately, none of it were Keza’s fault, but they seemed determined to hurt her anyway.

Just as most of cunning hypocrites would behave, they were showing her that they care about her, they assured her their support but they were intended to do something horrible.

Two days before the wedding, when Keza was planning to meet with her four bridesmaids at the town shopping mall, the four had a meeting and decided that they will reach at the mall earlier than the rendezvous hour, and when Keza would be coming in a cab ( cabs were the local transportation facility, besides most of brides-to-be including Keza had a belief of not going on a motorcycle), they hired a big lorry to crush the cab down, sadly, the cab driver was considered as a ‘collateral damage’.

At three p.m., just as it was planned, Keza came through a cab, the lorry was there too {crush} bumping sounds were heard.

People near the place called 9-1-1, asking for help by reporting that an accident happened. Someone was bleeding and someone else around was lying unconsciously on the ground, the crash affected five people.

When Shema saw the news on television news update, he remembered that her fiancée had told him that she was going to the mall via a cab. Shema started crying, it was like his other part was in jeopardy, so he immediately drove there.

The four malevolent friends of Keza were already celebrating saying ‘how we wish our plan could go through’. They decided to go to the accident scene to confirm if anything had happened to Keza.

Is Keza alive? Is she hurt? Will Shema’s wedding with Keza go through? Will Keza’s wicked friends succeed in their spiteful and vindictive plan? Feel free to share your thoughts.


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