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It was one Saturday morning. I was walking with my father and I was new to that town. Everything was new in my eyes. Folks were new, vehicles were new and environment was new. It took me few minutes to discover the love that I knew would be for my life. I was amazed by that unusual girl who was riding a bicycle, to the extent that I stopped and stared at her. It was my first time to see that scenario. “A girl who can ride a bicycle? A thing that I can’t be able to?” asking myself these questions, led me to think of her unstoppably. She was like an angle on a bicycle. Her beauty was so astonishing. She was of a small but moderate size that I preferred a lot. She was my type to fall for and a dream to wait for.

My mind was robbed so that my imagination became a paradise. I wasn’t sure whether I was still living in this tangible world. All were like a dream to me. After being stabbed by my father’s punch, I came to senses.

 “What are you looking for, watch out because you can be hit by a car.” He told me.

I went all way thinking on how I should meet that does eyes again. May be it was an emerging LOVE at the first sight, b’se this girl captured my heart beat, mind and infinite intelligence instantly.

“Father, how long are we going to stay in this town?” I asked.

“A day son. After getting what I came for, we shall leave immediately”

A day! I promised myself to find that girl within that mere time no matter what. I had no plans nor predictions. Faith combined with desires to her, was all I could have. I believed to see her again because her face, beauty and neutrality, couldn’t go off my state of imagination. My father was looking for a house to rent by I didn’t know what for. How could I know? I was not caring, all I wanted, was to see that so called a love of my life again. Finally, we stopped at a house and my father got into negotiations of price. May be they agreed because we were given keys of that house. My body, state of mind and head were not stable. They were all staring at the direction that I thought to hide her.

“Son, let go home.” He told me.

“What?? Go where father?” I replied surprisingly.

My father laughed to me and said, “Don’t tell me that you liked this place this much. You don’t even want to go home.”

I was speechless for some time and my father approached me calmly and caressingly.

“Son, are you alright? You seem to wait for some one important. What’s wrong man?” he asked.

“It’s nothing father but I feel like I have something that belong here. It would be better if we stay.” I replied with sadness.

“Okey Son. Do you know what! From tomorrow we shall stay here forever, because I will be running business here. And tomorrow, is a lunching day. Therefore, get prepared to find your something that belong here. Let go home one more last time. Right?” he told me.

I was very happy to hear that. I accepted let that day cease, and I called it a day. my faith to see her again was increasing hour to hour. I could not sleep that night and in the morning I went to wake up my father so that we could park and arrange other preparations. Soon or late we reached and my father went to buy merchandises to fill our shop. I stayed but with instability. I was praying from within, asking God to bring that does eyes to me again.

“Imagine if she comes. I would sit and talk to her casually, approach her calmly and carefully, and tell her that I am in love with her.” I was imagining talkatively.

“What do you say? Who are you anyway? New to this town? Am sure you’re new because I have never seen you before.” A girl’s voice came to my ear.

I got chocked to see her. It was her. She was standing in front door. I thought it to be a dream but it was real. My phone fell. My hands got sweat. Fear rose quickly and was distributed in my body. This angel was real. She was that astonishing beauty.  


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