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A story by ISHIMWE Christian

[Kind reminder]:  It is strictly forbidden to share this story without Rubay Stories name on it, to edit the context of this story or sell it.

Previously on Love Crime: This is a story of Shema a smart, handsome and honest man, Keza a beautiful girl who had been in love with Shema for five years and people whom they met along the way. Eternity seemed like the destiny of the two, and they were preparing for their wedding. Two days before the wedding, Keza’s four close friends planned to spoil her wedding buy hiring a big lorry to crush her. What happens to Keza now? Will the wedding proceed? How does the idea of Love Crime fit in this story? Rest assured just follow.

When Shema arrived, he was horrified and but he had a feeling that nothing had happened to her fiancée. He arrived at the scene and by there he met with Keza’s friends, one of them who seemed as a master planner, Carla came running to him.

[Carla]: Hi Shema? Did you hear anything from Keza? She told us that she was in cab coming here, oh my goodness I hope she’s safe!

[Shema in agony]: Hey Carla? I don’t know, how I wish nothing happened to her!

The ambulances were already there, when Shema and Keza’s friends were there, they were waiting any news pointing back to Keza. The rear side of the lorry was up moved, and Keza was lying on the ground, bleeding from her legs!

[Shema crying out loudly]: Is she dead? Someone tell me, is she alive? Oh no!

A paramedic heard his cry and went to check on her and came back.

[Paramedic to Shema]: Excuse me sir? How do you know this lady?

[Shema with distorted thoughts]: I know her she is my fiancée, is she alright? Did something happen to her? please tell me.

[Paramedic]: Well, she has lost a lot of blood which made her unconscious. She has several injuries especially on her legs, I can’t say more without running CT or MRI scans, let’s take her to the hospital along with other victims.

[Shema]: What can I do in the mean time? Can I come with you?

[Paramedic]: No, you can’t young man, I can’t recommend that. I prefer that you meet us at the Community Centre Hospital.

Meanwhile Shema was in tears, Carla and her wicked associates of conspirators were sad too, not because Keza is wounded but because she is still alive! They wanted her dead. None between Shema and Keza knew anything about their plan, they still considered them as their friends.

Keza was shown support from family members, friends and notably from Shema who spent much of his time watching over her. The wedding had to be postponed since Keza was hospitalised, with her left leg broken and the skin of her right-side cheek had deteriorated, with a serious scar! It was for everyone to see that her face was not as beautiful as it was, almost as if it was a burnt on her face (caused by rough collision of her face and the ground). She spent a month in the hospital, and she went home on clutches. After sixty-three days, she was able to walk again.

Shema wanted to re-arrange the wedding in the nearest future, preferably in the next two weeks but Keza had some second thoughts.

[Shema]: Darling, I’m really glad you are able to walk again, let’s resume the wedding preparations, I think two weeks would not be a bad time for us to marry. Right hon?

[Keza prejudging herself]: I think the wedding shouldn’t happen! You know I love you so much but I’m no longer the same person as the one you first dated. Look at the scar on my face, please find another girl, learn to love her cause you deserve a flawless person.

It’s wasn’t obvious whether she was testing him or if she really meant that as people outside fuelled mockery towards her, besides who can read her thoughts?

[Shema]: When I loved you, it was all of you, not the face but your precious soul, that kind heart! I don’t care about what people say, it’s me who’s marrying you, no one else! Please let’s proceed with the preparation.

Keza thought about it about a minute and said yes, the wedding must happen in the next few days. The wedding invitations are once again distributed among the guests, families, friends and the four wicked friends of Keza.

The four wicked and jealous girls met with great anger to plot again against Keza, this time they said, let’s lie that Keza isn’t faithful to him; that she has aborted two pregnancies when she was a teen, and that she’s romantically involved with her exes!

They were thinking ‘since Shema knows that she is our best friend, he can’t say that we are lying! They called Shema and told him whatsoever lies they had prepared about Keza, but Shema didn’t buy any of them! His response surprised, hurt and annoyed them.

[Shema replied to them]: Whatever! I don’t mind, I don’t want to know that, I just know that I love her! The girl you are saying doesn’t sound like the Keza I know; just keep your lies! I choose to believer her over you who seem jealous of her!

Shema immediately stood up and went to see Keza, he explained to her everything that they said about her. Keza cried, Shema comforted her, and they decided to have them removed from the bridesmaids.

It didn’t stop from there! Carla and cos, this time met again to plot something even bigger; they said “let her get married first, after that let’s hurt her stringently, this time she will have to spend the rest of her life miserably.”

Will Carla and cos, be able to hurt Keza with their malicious plan? Are Shema and Keza going to live and lead a happy life? What happens to Keza now?

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